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Welcome to Saving Flavors by Karen!

I am super excited to share this blog with you. My mission is two fold:

To Share Tasty Dishes That Save Dough  and

To Save Flavorful Dishes Rooted in Our Heritage.


To Share Tasty Dishes That Save Dough

On January 2017, I moved to Grand Cayman with my husband so he could attend medical school. Let me tell you, what a shock. Everything is more expensive here! While I’m a “seasoned” cook, I really had to start paying attention to where my money was going. We save HUGE just by eating home cooked meals.

Now, for a student here, that task can be a little more difficult, you know, with all the studying that they need to get done? But I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be! And none of that crazy meal prepping either. I’ve never been able to do it, it takes way to much fore thought! I have a different approach to meal prepping, make a big batch and you’ll be fed for a couple of days. 

While I’m not a professional chef, I’ve always been in the kitchen throwing things together. My friends and family have always praised me for my cooking and I want share what I know with you! From wasting less to making more, I hope you will join me on this journey to making flavors that save!


To Save Flavorful Dishes Rooted in Our Heritage.

An eternal side project of mine has been to learn from the grandmas in the family. There are so many dishes out there that probably end up in the void because those precious recipes are just not being passed down! It breaks my heart. 

It’s true from my very own family! My Honduran grandma passed away and my mom never learned how to make her dulce de leech or tamales! Oh! The lost flavors. So my goal is to collect as many recipes rooted in heritage, and I’m not talking about just my own. I love trying new things and exploring different regions through their food. So while I will be sharing what I find and learn I hope that you will help me by submitting your own family recipes!