DIY Vegetable Broth with Kitchen Scraps


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Trying to be a little more zero-waste.

Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars of food produced is wasted. Straight up, just thrown in the trash. I think it’s something we really take for granted. We have some rotting veggies or fruit and we just throw them out. On a small scale it seems meaningless and harmless, but really, it’s just a waste of money. 

I wish I could say I started being more conscious of food waste because I care so deeply about the environment. The truth of the matter is that when I throw away food, I see my hard worked money just literally be thrown into the trash. Coming to this island, where vegetables are twice as expensive and rot twice as quickly, it really opened my eyes to how much money I could be throwing out if I didn’t use all the food I bought in time.

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent wasted food, and you could read more about them at Going Zero Waste. Today I’m going to show you how to take advantage of vegetable scraps to make a vegetable broth.

The process is really simple, and it literally takes advantage of parts of food you would normally toss in the trash. Giving them a second life and getting more from your buck. Not to mention if you are trying to control salt intake you have full control of that. I’m not, but I figured it was worth the mention.

The Process

I have a gallon sized freezer bag that  I take out when I’m prepping for my next meal. All I do is throw any scraps from chopping my veggies, stuff it in there, and put it back in the freezer. When the bag is full, I grab my 5 quart dutch oven, stuff the veggie scraps in and fill with water. Let it simmer for an hour and strain it. That produces about 6 cups of broth. 

Print out our useful infographic, so you’ll always know what you should and shouldn’t add to your broth!

Tips and Ideas!

  • I use onion peels all the time, but it does make the broth very dark.

  • I like my broth intense, so I use a whole gallon bag to 5 quart pot ratio. But if you would like a light flavor, use a half gallon bag and the same amount of water.

  • By no means is the list of vegetables included the only vegetable you can include in a broth, it’s just a helpful guide of reccomendations. In fact, i’ve used Cabbage, Ginger, and Jalapeño scraps, and my broths have turned out great!

DIY Vegetable Broth


  • 5 Quart Pot or Dutch Oven
  • Strainer


  • 1 Gallon Bag of Veggie Scraps
  • Water


Total Time: 1 Hours 15 Minutes

Servings: 6 Cups.

  1. Add vegetable scraps to a 5 quart pot. Fill pot until covered with water.
  2. Set pot to simmer lightly and cover with a lid for one hour.
  3. Using a strainer, pour the liquid out and you have your broth!

GET CREATIVE and let us know how it came out in the comment section below or…