Home Essentials You Need to Bring to Grand Cayman as a St.Mathews University Student

Hopefully you  read our essential kitchen list, because honestly the kitchen makes up about 30% of the room, including the food of course! So, you'll want to get nice and organized in that departments so you don't feel like a total mess in this tiny room. If you haven't, here's the link to 5 Essential Kitchen Item you'll want to bring to Grand Cayman as an SMU Student 

But now, there are a few items that I brought that I think have made a huge difference in our day to day lives. So let's get to it!

1. Dryer Balls

At the Res Hall There is a shared coin laundry room, fitted with 6 washers and 6 dryers. Now, while they may market them selves as commercial, they are very much NOT capable of heavy loads. You will learn to lessen the load so that your clothes will actually be cleaned.  Further! I don't know how many times my clothes was just a little too damp for comfort after just taking them out of the dryer. You have two options when this happens: waste another $2 CI ($2.50 US) or let it be wet and air dry it in your room. 

AVOID THIS PROBLEM! When we bought these dryer balls, It changed the game. We haven't had an issue with wet clothes since. It's $10 US and you'll never have to spend another dime drying your clothes twice.

2. Portable Steamer

Don't bother with an iron and and ironing board. Ever since my sister in law introduced us to this nifty gadget, we haven't bothered ironing since. It's super convenient to be able to just have your clothes on a hanger and steam out the wrinkles. It heats up super quickly and the steam is just like a magic cloud that flows right through those wrinkles and makes them disappear. It's small so it takes up little space, and did I mention YOU DON'T NEED A BOARD! 

Save the space, money, and time, bring one of these Portable Steamers to your tiny dorm in cayman.

3. Water Filter

The water is clean, so technically you can drink straight from the tap. But, in my opinion, it has different taste from home and doesn't taste great to me. This is a problem because I already don't drink a lot of water.

The solution? People have different opinions about this. We brought over a Water Filtering Pitcher by PUR. Granted, we filter the water from our shower head nowadays because the sink in the room is just so dang shallow, it's kinda a pain to refill the reservoir.  Alternatively, you can shamelessly refill your water at the gym across the street, but on rainy days I doubt I'd be getting over there to replenish our water.

If you're willing to cough up some cash,  you can get like a monthly subscription to refill these giant water jugs.


4. International Credit Card

We made the mistake of coming to the island with our plain ole credit cards. Every purchase we made had an additional 3% foreign transaction fee tacked on to it. Opt for a credit card that doesn't have foreign transaction fees. Brandon got a cool Amazon Rewards Visa card that gives us back 5% of every purchase to use on Amazon.com. It works out great for us because we use amazon to buy stuff when we get back home and take it with us to Cayman again.

5. Hobby of Choice

Yeah, I know that's vague. It's just so important to take time off to do something fun. You will be spending so many hours and days studying and working hard, it can be really easy to get burnt out. So take time to be present in the moment and do something you love. For me, that's a daily Dance Break. For my husband, thats a few games on the Xbox. We also brought a few tiny canvases. Haven't painted on them yet though, but soon! We'll be able to hang them and have pretty decor for the empty walls of the room.



Bring useful things, yes. Bring some fun things too. We didn't bring vacuums or brooms, or really a lot of cleaning items because the res hall has weekly cleaning for all the rooms. If you have any question, please comment below!