How to Plan a Romantic Valentines Day Without Breaking the Bank

Celebrating doesn’t have to be expensive. You can actually plan a beautiful evening with a few common household items, some creativity in the kitchen, and some budget friendly entertainment. Let’s save you some money on this holiday and get romantic af.

Setting the Mood

When we think about a romantic evening, we picture the warm golden glow of candles in the evening, deep red roses sprinkling the room, and the simple elegance of white table cloths. 


chrismas lights for valentines day-1.jpg

Now if you have candles to spare, then you have lighting set! If you’re like me though, candles are a rarity in the house. Something we always have available are Christmas lights though!

There’s something so romantic to me about the warm comforting glow of those twinkling lights strung up around the room. We even forgo the roses and bring the warmth to the table by adding battery powered lights in a mason jar.


Roses, flowers, valentines day on a budget

The thing about flowers is that an exquisite bouquet is just as lovely as a single rose. Alive or cut, 1 or 100 it’s the thought, intention, the gesture. Well, unless there’s literally a room full of flowers, I mean, someone’s either really sorry for something, or incredibly over joyed.

Making Food

Babe and I have always celebrated with a small feast for two on valentines day. My thought has pulled me to making something delicious and bountiful at home over spending far too much in a crowded restaurant.


Charcuterie board-4.jpg

The main course and dessert has always changed, but in our years celebrating valentines together, we’ve always started with a cheese plate, with our favorite: Goat cheese and honey, toasted french bread, some fruit and prosciutto. It’s a great snack to pick on while watching a movie, so that tradition has been going strong for years.


Spicy Shrimp Alfredo Pink-1.jpg

Because we like to get fancy on a budget, we’ve always enjoyed a steak or seafood dinner. Skirt steak is a fairly inexpensive steak, it’s flavorful and with this Chimichurri Sauce  its a perfect low budget steak dinner. 

We’re probably not having lobster dinner unless it was caught fresh, but shrimp is such a great alternative. I’m particular to this Spicy Shrimp Alfredo 


Dessert Board-2.jpg

Dessert I can talk about for ages! We have all of these on the blog for you to make! Inspired by the tried and true combination of strawberries and chocolate.

Double Chocolate Chip Pizookie With Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream No Machine No Problem

Chocolate Cups With Strawberries and Cream

But we all know the tried and true valentine dessert is chocolate covered strawberries. It’s such a simple treat to make, you should never spend another dime buying remade one again! You can even make it fondue style so it’s extra romantic when that little drop of chocolate accidentally drip on their chin and you have to tenderly wipe it off. Just saying! It’s got romance written all over it!

All you have to do to make chocolate covered strawberries is to melt 1/2 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips in the microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between. Add 1 tspn of coconut oil to thin it out, and just dip the strawberries in the melted chocolate and lay them on a parchment paper. Put them in the fridge for 15 minutes until the chocolate is hardened, and viola, romance.


Drinks, wine, rose, valentine

Simple, buy a bottle, or two, of your favorite wine. The savings are insane, makes you wonder why we ever buy drinks out. If you’re feeling extra celebratory, I recommend Prosecco with a splash of cranberry juice and garnish with a slice of strawberry or frozen raspberries.


cuddle up with your loved one

Netflix and Chill, if you know what I mean. No I mean seriously, let's watch some Netflix. Skip the pricy movie tickets and watch something at home. With some comfy blankets, those drinks, and snacks, who says dinner has to be at a table. Just make sure everything is finger food friendly so you don’t have to move from your favorite cuddle position.

Little Psych Tip: dates that are exciting, that get your heart pumping, makes you fall more in love. It’s the mistaken association of your heart racing for falling in love. Make science work for you, put on that thriller *wink, wink*.

If you would prefer a true dinner table meal, might I suggest some romantic Lofi Hip Hop or Bossa Nova music? Trust, you’ll fall in love with these tender beats.

The Gift of Effort

Valentines day gift, diy

Effort, it’s the simplest and loveliest gift. There’s something so romantic about just showing how much you care. Buying flowers, chocolates, those things are simple and generic. Making a picture frame, writing a poem, creating a meal, building a romantic fort! Gifts are nice, but memories are cherished. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to show that special someone how much you mean to them.